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We are committed to advancing discovery from all scientific and scholarly disciplines including: the applied, chemical, earth, engineering, life, physical and social sciences. This is made possible by the dedicated work of our highly talented editorial and publishing staff. View our videos to discover more about the fascinating people involved and the exciting work they do.

Editor, Springer

Marta Moldvai

Marta has degrees in English Literature and Publishing. Marta manages academic journals and commissions books on bioengineering topics. She describes the Springer eBook programme as being a strong attraction point for taking this role.

Senior Editor, Physics and Astronomy, Springer

Jian Li

 Jian is based in our Beijing office; he’s a theoretical physicist by training. After completing his PhD in China, Jian travelled to Houston, Texas, for postdoctoral work. Now he enjoys spending his time helping authors publish their work in our books and textbooks.


Senior Editor, Nature Communications

Ross Cloney

Ross chose an editorial career as he realised he enjoyed reading a wide array of different scientific topics and so he could stay engaged with science. Whilst Ross’ PhD and post-doctoral work focussed on DNA repair, at Nature Communications he looks after the synthetic biology and genome engineering submissions.

Senior Journal Development Editor, BMC

Kyla Buckingham


Kyla is a literature major, who supplemented her course with an array of science classes. Kyla looks after the health of 9 cell biology journals, she works closely with marketing and the Editor-In-Chief of each of her journals devising strategies for improving her portfolio.

Copy Editor

Carolyn Farnsworth

Carolyn double majored in biology and English. She enjoys being able to combine her interests in science and writing in her role as a Copy Editor. Here Carolyn describes what her role entails.

Senior Journal Development Editor, BMC

Karen Cheng


Karen joined us directly after completing her PhD on stem cells and ageing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Karen will tell you about her responsibilities for a group of journals that Springer Nature co-publishes with societies.


Senior Editor, Nature Geoscience

Alicia Newton

When Alicia was finishing her PhD in palaeoceanography she was excited to see an advert for editors for Nature Geoscience. Alicia will tell you more about her Senior Editor role, about how she can work to improve a paper in the process of peer review and how she relishes seeing Nature Geoscience papers influencing thinking in the field.

Editorial Assistant Team Leader, Nature Communications

Arun Takhar

Arun began work at Springer Nature in a temporary capacity; he held several positions before moving to Nature Communications for promotion to Editorial Assistant supervisor. Arun can tell you how about how he enjoys his supervisory role.

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