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We are committed to advancing discovery from all scientific and scholarly disciplines including: the applied, chemical, earth, engineering, life, physical and social sciences. This is made possible by the dedicated work of our highly talented editorial and publishing staff. View our videos to discover more about the fascinating people involved and the exciting work they do.

Editorial Assistant Team Leader, Nature Communications

Arun Takhar

Arun began work at Springer Nature in a temporary capacity; he held several positions before moving to Nature Communications for promotion to Editorial Assistant supervisor. Arun can tell you how about how he enjoys his supervisory role.

Senior Editor, Biomedicine, Springer

Becky Zhao

Becky began her publishing career as an intern in the Springer New York office and moved to our Beijing office in 2005. Leading the biomedicine book and journal programme in China, Becky will tell you how her work raises the visibility of Chinese science.

Chief News Editor, Nature Medicine

Roxanne Khamsi

Roxanne tells us about how she spends her time on a day to day basis. She’s driven by reading about a wide range of different topics and enjoys editing pieces to ensure that we are publishing the best possible stories.

Senior Publishing Editor, Springer

Michael Luby


Michael is passionate about working on the journals, books and textbooks that he commissions in engineering. Listen to Michael tell us how he enjoys working with authors from all over the world.



Associate Editor, Scientific American

Larry Greenemeir


Larry joined Scientific American to develop their online technology content. Larry commissions stories on a range of topics including robotics and computers. Larry works with a variety of media tools and develops videos or podcasts to accompany the stories that he has commissioned.

Copy Editor

Carolyn Farnsworth

Carolyn double majored in biology and English. She enjoys being able to combine her interests in science and writing in her role as a Copy Editor. Here Carolyn describes what her role entails.

Senior Manuscript Assistant, Scientific Reports

Will Coleman

During Will’s undergraduate degree in Biochemistry he found that he really enjoyed doing background research and reading journal articles for his research project. Listen to Will tell you about how he contributes to the publication process by providing great service to our authors.

Publisher, Palgave Macmillan

Amy Shackleton

Amy oversees Palgrave journals in the humanities and sciences. The quality of these products was what attracted her to Springer Nature. Listen to Amy tell you about the dedicated and passionate team of people that she works with.

Assistant Editor, Nature Genetics

Catherine Potenski

Catherine Potenski Assistant Editor, Nature Genetics

Catherine, who is based in our New York office, carried out a PhD and post-doctoral studies before joining the editorial team at BioMed Central.  Catherine now works with the Nature Research family of journals.

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